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To this day, we still raise all of our own meat on our Bucks County farm,
just like Grandpop did 80+ years ago!

In 1933, Grand "Pop" Bolton purchased the farm in Silverdale, PA. The 28 acre property was initially purchased to raise chickens. In 1945, he started raising a few turkeys and soon after decided to only raise turkeys.
He worked everyday up until 1997- at the age of 93. His son Charles took over the farm in 1978.
Today the farm is in its third generation and is being managed by Charles' son, Todd.

The farm market began in 1989 as a roadside stand.
In 2015, we outgrew our original building and expanded into our current market which is managed and operated by Torrie, Charles' daughter. 

This is truly a small family business.
We raise about 10,000 turkeys each year. We have our own incubator and hatch all of our poults (baby turkeys).
We raise them on the farm from start to finish. They are all raised naturally; feeding them an all-natural, antibiotic free diet, consisting of crops we grow ourselves. We raise and process all of our turkeys on the farm and only sell through our market.

When we opened the first market in 1989, we then started raising chickens naturally like our turkeys.
Shortly after we also began to raise our own beef, without antibiotics or growth hormones. They are grass and corn fed, and are able to graze a majority of the year (weather permitting). 

We love what we sell and we hope you do too! 

Our Family Farm: About
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August 1936 - September 2017

Charles died from farmers lung and continued to come to work until two weeks before his passing. 

Thank you for sharing your love of farming with all of us. We love and miss you everyday Dad and Poppy. 

Our Family Farm: Welcome
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