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All of our meat products are raised using the same natural practices...

cage free and without the use of antibiotics or hormones on our Bucks County farm!

- Bolton Turkey - 

Our fresh turkey has become locally famous for thousands of our customers. We raise all of our turkeys from start to finish. They hatch in our incubator and continue to grow in our open air pens. We take tremendous pride in the way we raise our turkeys, specializing in the same philosophies since the 1930s.

- Turkey Products -

We make all of our products with Bolton turkey for your year round enjoyment. 
We sell all of our own lunch meats: Oven roasted turkey, smoked turkey, turkey ham, turkey bologna... to name a few! We also sell various types of fresh and frozen turkey sausages, ground turkey, and turkey patties. 

Some of our other popular turkey products include: our turkey hot dogs, turkey bacon, and turkey meat sticks.
We have just about everything turkey!

- Bolton Chicken - 

Raised using all of the same practices; anti-biotic, hormone free... raised as naturally as possible. 

We sell fresh chickens every week. We have whole chickens, chicken breasts, legs (thigh & drumstick), wings, giblets, backs & necks, and chicken feet!
*You can have your chicken whole or we can cut it up into parts for you - however you need it!

- Bolton Beef -

Our beef is raised on our farm with the same home-grown care you've learned to expect with all of our meats. They are grass fed for 3/4 of the year (weather permitting) and finished on corn and oats. We sell an array of different steaks and beef roasts, as well as ground beef and beef patties. 

*Our beef is sold fresh Thursday thru Saturday - frozen cuts are always available. 

** Because we make all of our products and don't buy anything in, some are subject to availability. **

Want something specific? Give us a call and you can order it. 


Click here to see how we roast our fresh turkeys! 

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